Day 1 of 30: Establish Your Goals


Day 1 of 30: Establish Your Goals

🎯🏆🎉 How to Succeed in Social Media? In the next 30 days, we will give you 30 daily strategies filled with tips and valuable takeways for you to succeed in your business, as an influencer, freelancer etc.

It’s important to be clear with your objective and goals with your social media efforts. As the saying goes, most failed because they failed to plan. So it’s good to have a map ahead of your journey.

1. What are your goals with your social media?

Here are some examples below.

  • Drive website traffic.
  • Raise brand awareness.
  • Boost brand engagement.
  • Generate new leads.
  • Nurture leads.
  • Build a community around your business.
  • Establish authority and industry expertise.

After you identified your goals, then you are ready to make your contents that support your goals.

If you are unsure where to start, here is what we have found from The 2018 Sprout Social Index surveyed marketers popular goal:


-> Use Objectives and Key Results (OKR) methodThe OKR method asks you to set a broad objective statement and list out key results that describe what successfully achieving that objective looks like. Here is an example below:
The objective here is to boost brand engagement. In order to meet this objective, we must increase the number of likes, shares, mentions, and comments by 20% by the end of the fourth quarter.”

Time to get to work, set your goals first. Comment down below your day 1 progress. Don’t forget to tag in your progress and use hashtag #socialsuccess30dayschallenge

Download this guide for Free worksheet for Day 1.

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