Day 7 of 30: Audit Your Content


Day 7 of 30: Audit Your Content

🎯🏆🎉 How to Succeed in Social Media? In the next 30 days, we will give you 30 daily strategies filled with tips and valuable takeways for you to succeed in your business, as an influencer, freelancer etc.

Day 7: Audit Your Content

Running a social media audit to identify your best-performing content and most popular channels so that you can build future content that caters to the interests of your audience and share your content in the most effective way.

This step will improve your social media content strategy. If your posts aren’t engaging and resonating with your followers, you won’t succeed. Use your audit to review the content you’ve shared and identify which posts had the biggest impact.

What is a Content Audit?

“A content audit describes the process of collecting and analyzing assets on a website, such as landing pages or blog posts. Content audits keep an inventory of a website and provide insight into which content to create, update, re-write, or delete.” –

How to Run a Content Audit?

  1. Think of your goals.
  2. Gather your content.
  3. Categorize your content
  4. Analyze your data.
  5. Create action items.


For platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular networks, you can use Sprout Social to quickly figure out which posts received the most engagement.

For others like Snapchat or YouTube, there are alternative options to track your content’s performance. For instance, with Snapchat, you can track engagement manually with a spreadsheet or other analytics tools.



Time to get to work, set your goals first. Comment down below your day 7 progress. Don’t forget to tag in your progress and use hashtag #socialsuccess30dayschallenge

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