Day 11 of 30: Develop Your Buyer Persona


Day 11 of 30: Develop Your Buyer Persona

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Day 11 of 30: Develop Your Buyer Persona

Do you know who your buyers’ persona is? How well do you know about them?

To develop your buyer’s persona, we first have to know and understand what is a buyer’s persona is and why it is important.

What is a Buyer’s Persona and why is it important?

According to, a buyer persona is a research-based profile that depicts a target customer. Having a buyer’s persona help businesses understand and empathize with their customers so they can do a better job of acquiring and serving them.

It’s important to develop your buyer persona so that you know exactly who you are marketing to and can create content and offerings that align with the persona you’ve identified. Start by writing down everything you know about your target customer and perform research to fill in any gaps.

For a robust buyer persona, try to capture the following information:

  • Demographics
  • Backstory
  • Lifestyle
  • Career
  • Purchase
  • Behaviors –
  • Finances
  • Goals, Challenges, Pain Points



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