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What's your gig? E, paano yung tanong kanino ka bumabangon? Labor day is tomorrow. We would love to know: what is your take regarding gig economy? have you considered digital freelancing or if you are, how was it working out for you? With our mission to help our community have more knowledge in the freelance world. Here are two things, we think will help your journey.
💡 Did you that Philippines ranked 6th in the world fastest-growing market for the gig economy.
Paypal: 2% of the Philippines’ population are freelancers And from these surveyed data, the following are the common roles:
34% Data entry/internet research
13% Virtual assistance
8% Customer service
Source: PayPal’s 2018 Global Freelancer Insights Report
Governtment Initiative: DigitalJobsPH Technical Training
Purpose/Mission: help people find work as digital entrepreneurs and freelancers in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) field.


💚 With our mission to help our community have more knowledge in the freelance world. Here are two things, we think will help your journey.
1. Our legislators have finally put protection laws for all freelancers – Freelancers Protection Act.
➡ Freelance Workers Act on FINAL READING as reported last March 25, 2021 from Inquirer.Net
✴ Execution of a written contract between a freelancer and the hiring party is required
✴ Pay the compensation due to the freelancer later than 15 days after the date of payment of compensation stated in the written contract;
✴ Require as a condition of payment of compensation, at any time after a freelancer has commenced rendition of services, that a freelancer accept less than the specified contract price; and;
✴ Retaliate against a freelancer under certain conditions.
✴ ALL freelancers are required to register with BIR and shall pay annually.


2. If you need help getting your Digital Skills Certitifaction and be virtual career ready then Virtualahan could be your answer.
From the private sector: Virtualahan
Mission is to build the future of work where no one is left behind by transforming the labor system for disadvantaged people to thrive. Specifically, flip the employment rate of Persons with Disability from the current 80% unemployment rate of working and qualified PWD talents to 80% employment rate by 2030.
So if you indentified yourself or have encountered systemic barier or have a disability, Virtualahan offers a scholarship program. Head to their facebook page to inquire about the program.
🥰 Did you also know that SVON is also one of Virtualahan Apprentice Client? You might get a chance to work with us.
We are here with you. Happy labor day.
SVON team
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