Day 28 of 30: Report Out


Day 28 of 30: Report Out

🎯🏆🎉 How to Succeed in Social Media? In the next 30 days, we will give you 30 daily strategies filled with tips and valuable takeways for you to succeed in your business, as an influencer, freelancer etc.

Day 28 of 30: Report Out

Share the results of your social marketing efforts with your marketing team and leadership.

This is your opportunity to showcase the goals you’ve established and your progress towards those goals. You should use hard evidence, like the data you’ve gathered through content share tracking, listening, and social analytics, to report on the success of your social marketing efforts.

With Simply Measured Social Analytics, you can prepare your report using dynamic graphs and charts to demonstrate how your content has performed through various social channels. Social Analytics helps you determine which of your channels lead to the highest conversion rates, can identify trends in engagement levels, and can place real business value on your marketing efforts.



Time to get to work, set your goals first. Comment down below your day 28 progress. Don’t forget to tag in your progress and use hashtag #socialsuccess30dayschallenge

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