SVON Art Studio is an online collaborative synergy space of dream makers, for dream makers, by dream makers.


Empowering freelancers and
small-scale entrepreneurs in
establishing their brand.


SVON Art Studio, is also a proud online boutique Design and Marketing Freelance partner.

meet nova

Nova Anuengo-Ayuban is our General Manager. She is an entrepreneur by heart. As a self-taught artist, she wanted to share her creations and inspire young talents. Thus, started SVON Art Studio’s humble beginning.

With new vision and mission, SVON Arts Studio is now rebranding as the newest online design and marketing agency. She is sharing her passion in arts, design and marketing to empower small businesses while building a pool of talented team that brings visions to reality. 

Nova manages SVON’s day-to-day operations and members and clients relationship specialist.

Educational Backgroud: Undergrad degrees in BS Mathematics and BS Tourism.


Primie is our Creative Manager. She has been working in the IT industry for 10 years and counting. 

She loves designing software applications and vision accelerator buff. SVON Art.Studio is her dream place to help build a collaborative community.


Educational Background: BS Computer Science and Global Business Management

meet cristina

Ma Cristina Castillo is our Community Manager. 

She is a proud alumnus from Miriam College where she earned her degree in BS Entrepreneurship. In addtion, she completed her Digital Skills Certification from Virtualhan.

Cristina manages SVON’s day-to-day operations providing support to our members and clients. 

about svon

SVON Art Studio is an online boutique Marketing and Design Freelance partner. It is also a collaborative synergy space of dream makers.

Our vision to be the best collaborative and innovative freelance partner. 

Our mission is to help startup entrepreneurs and small scale businesses achieve their distinction across digital platforms and beyond.

SVON also run a close-knit facebook group community comprises of freelancers, individuals, and entrepreneurs that as similar goals and support collaborative space.



SVON offers consulting, marketing and design services for small scale entrepreneurs from company website, e-commerce, content, social media management and marketing promotion.



SVON offers a close-knit facebook group community for freelancers (beginners and seasoned freelancers) and select entrepreneurs of like-minded and collaborative space.

website. social media. marketing.